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Gary Zulauf

 Those who generate new ideas and contemplate turning the idea into cash are no different than finely tuned athletes. A successful athlete requires passion, desire to win, and good coaching. Going from IDEA TO INCOME is a daunting process. It requires great coaching. Most people are not trained to understand the rules or techniques involved in playing this game. Every now and again, you hear a "rags-to-riches" story about the housewife or unemployed bus driver who takes an idea and turns it into a "winning lottery ticket." What you hear is the glory, not the hard work, sacrifice and coaching behind the scenes. The game can drag on for years and requires a high degree of patience. But, great coaching and the passion to win are stronger than most obstacles. Ask any successful entrepreneur (or professional athlete). Each has a story.

I have spent over 30 years in US corporate America designing, engineering, and licensing technology and commercializing new products. I will help you save thousand of dollars—ranging from obtaining a patent to making your first sale. I can help you better understand the value proposition of your idea—if your product has limitations that will make it difficult to market/sell—and how to get around these obstacles.

I have gone to independent inventor trade shows and have talked to first-time inventors. And, I have come away disheartened after learning how poorly first-timers have been treated by some law firms. A patent attorney should never encourage someone to file a patent on a product they know is not novel. But it happens. A patent should never cost $15,000--$20,000 to write and file!

My goal is to steer you away from unscrupulous or unknowing lawyers and increase the odds of your success. This is where good coaching comes in. Is the idea novel? What kind of patent claims are possible? What is the “market” value of your idea? How do you go about extracting that value? Will the value exceed the cost to go to market? Who are your competitors (not always who you think they are)? In which market channel should you participate? Should you license, sell, or manufacture the patent yourself?

I am able to provide experienced, logical, and inexpensive counsel. If legal services should be necessary, I have access to and have used the counsel of experienced, reputable patent attorneys. Significant reduction of out-of-pocket expenses will result—along with the necessary patent, market, and product counsel you need to be a winner. I want you to win!