Patent Smart, LLC

Your Patent and Product Coach


Patent Smart, LLC, is uniquely qualified to assist the single, independent inventor or the small business entrepreneur.

The founder, Gary Zulauf, is a former VP of Manufacturing and Advanced Technology for Honeywell International. His background includes a B.S. in Physics and over 30 years of product development and leadership experience related to the design, manufacture, and licensing of product and process technology. .. He is the only Honeywell manager to be certified as both a Six Sigma Operations (reduce manufacturing defects) and Technical Excellence (design for manufacturability) Champion.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Zulauf has been successful at introducing many new or improved products to the original equipment and consumer marketplace. These include electromechanical switches, automotive sensors, ceramic products and processes, and various automotive ignition and filtration products. His ability to develop technology partners, license intellectual property, and understand how to determine the value proposition of a new product, makes him uniquely qualified to assist the independent inventor.

He has co-authored 33 US patents. In addition, Mr. Zulauf has successfully licensed product and process technology for Honeywell around the world.